Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Follow Up: FileTable with AlwaysOn AGs – Bug

I wrote a post a while back talking about two issues with FileTable in SQL right now and said that they would be fixed in SP1… Well… Service Pack 1 is released now, but unfortunately one of the fixes didn’t make it in, as it posed different problems, up to creating BSODs on the system. The checkpoint issue is fixed, so failover works seamlessly now, what is still missing is the sync issue.

The way this leftover issue presents itself is during a failover scenario where clients still can connect to the old primary. If the old primary is completely unreachable your data will be safe. So I know the workaround is shitty, but for now I can only advise you to not do manual failovers and in case you need to move a DB for maintenance reasons you do so by either cutting the network link to the old primary box or send it into a BSOD. Again, this is shitty, but at least it is safe. And it will still give you high availability…

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the resolution.

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